Bubble Wands - Kid Tested, Kid Approved!

June 26, 2015
  • Kid Tested – Kid Approved! ha ha ha We made these wands then headed outside to try them out! Too fun! My girls were giggling hysterically! And then when they saw the pictures they were cracking up again…especially at my oldest with her mouth in the bubble! (wink) They are so easy to make! And not only does it give you a reason to get outside but beading the wire gives them just a bit of fun working on those fine motor skills! And it opens up the creative side of them. I love what they came up with!

    Jewelry Wire

    Cut about 18 to 20 inches of wire. Put one bead to dangle on the bottom leave about 2 inches from the end and then wrap the wire around and around above the bead making a loop at the bottom. Then slide the beads on the long end until you reach the desired handle length. Then use the remainder to make a loop and again wrap it around and around until it is all secure. My girls had me push their wire in the shapes of hearts. Hee hee fun!

    Hope this made sense! If you make this I would love to see it!

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