Feeling Blessed

June 28, 2015
  • I am feeling so blessed today! I just want to shout it out with excitement! God is good!!

    I am not one to throw my yukky things out on social media. But I do like to get real every once in a while. (wink) Here lately a lot of changes have been going on and I have found myself extremely stressed out! My husband and I took a huge leap and bought a house back in February. It in itself was such an exciting adventure! And the timing of it was perfect for all people involved…but that is another story for later.

    This is our first house. And with it came all the fun of getting furniture, decorating, buying a new refrigerator, fixing the air conditioner, fixing doors that did not seal properly, fixing broken outlets, rewiring the garage, getting a new breaker box, fixing stopped up sinks, fixing broken toilets, fixing broken sprinkler systems……uh yeah…things started to seem more overwhelming than fun. And little by little it was piling on. Then my husband’s car got flooded out a couple of weeks ago and so he ended up forced to buy a vehicle. We have been good though, just things started to feel a bit tight.

    At the same time all of that was going on, things at my work started to shift in a negative direction. But I was not really worried. We had seen hard times at our shop. We manufacture parts for oil rig companies so of course business gets slow but always comes back up. But this last week my boss cut everyone’s hours and pay. He and I had a discussion of what he is hearing from the oil companies we deal with and he is not sure where things are heading. He said in all his years he has never seen things this bad.

    I then found myself all week in a slump. Feeling really stressed. All I kept thinking is what will I do if I lose my job?

    Then Thursday I got my paycheck from Beachbody. It was not my biggest check but was sure a relief when it came in. It paid for half of my groceries this week. I then spent the weekend praying and asking God to watch over us. I know to give things to Him but it is not always easy to lay them down.

    Today I went out to the back part of our property and the figs on the fig tree were ripening. I was so excited I ran inside and got a cullender. I had been so worried about this tree. ha ha ha Seems crazy, but I had never had a fig tree. I did not know what to expect. I wanted to make jelly and I had no clue if I would even like them. I kept thinking I was going to have this overload of figs and they were going to just rot waiting for me to get them all canned up. I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO CAN! ha ha ha The struggle was real! (wink)

    I picked a few and decided to taste one. It was soooo good! I can not describe it. It has a caramel buttery taste mixed in it. And the more purple they are the sweeter! I began walking around this huge tree digging through and realizing there were all different stages of fruit. Some were just now starting to grow, some were fully ripe. All my stress had been over nothing!

    So as I stood out there going through this tree I would put one in my mouth and two in the bowl and started to thank God. He stuck a tree in my yard that is not going to bear all the fruit on me at once but give me time to learn how to handle it. He gave me a tree so big I can mess a few batches up and still have plenty! ha ha ha And you know what else? He gave me fruit that I did not even have to work for~ I was reminded that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, (Romans 8:28)

    This evening as I kept walking in the kitchen eating up the goods I had gathered today I began to think again about that tree and how much that same thought on ‘God works for the good of those who loves Him’ applies to my life as a coach! Beachbody came into my life because I wanted to get in shape. I decided to start coaching on a whim for the discount and have since then been learning how to run it as a business. It has been building into income that is now helping to meet needs with my family! I thought about how much time I had wasted stressing out over nothing.

    God has always taken care of me. Once I let go of the trying to figure it out and once I began to look around at all God has been doing I relaxed for he first time in days and was able to really just enjoy my kids, my husband, and my life. I do believe God has brought this business to me for a reason!

    And what is crazy to me is at this point I am more excited and confident that it is going to be a bigger blessing than the one I have had for the last ten years! I love my boss and my co-workers. But I have never loved my job. (wink) It has been a huge blessing. But it was not where I ever saw myself. But I love working with people in my challenge groups. That truly blesses me! I love helping people love themselves again! I love how excited a person gets when they conquer a goal! Whether it is them losing weight or being able to do that pushup….I love being a coach and blessing other people! I believe that God brought this business to me in His perfect timing!

    Now that I went all deep on you….Come back for some recipes once I figure out how to cook these babies! (wink)

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