First Challenge Group

November 29, 2014
  • I am super excited! I am hosting my first Challenge Group starting December 1st. I wont lie there is some nervousness at it being my first time. But there is something so wonderful about knowing you are going to be a part of helping people change their lives! It pretty much squashes the nervous feeling!

    I have been working so hard and learning so much on my own journey. And it just blesses me to be able to pass anything I have learned along the way to someone who may just not know how easy¬† it is to get going on a path of health. OK well maybe not easy. It does take patience, discipline, and you have to work each day on yourself….BUT it is easy in the fact that it can all be lined out for you. It can be done when given the tools and support.

    I have tried many times many ways to lose weigh the fast and easy way. And although they did work for me for a moment. They would all leave me with more weight on my butt than before! I could slack for a week and gain tons of weight just in a week! It was so disappointing. Now because of the way I am conditioning my body I went through Thanksgiving not eating so good….and I mean a whole week of splurges. BUT for the first time I stepped on my scale and was not effected!! WHAT? OK so I know better than to think that will last. But what I have learned is our food is a huge part of our success and exercise helps us to build the muscles to burn more calories even when we rest. So basically I work out hard and eat right and when I do splurge, they are really treats for me. I feel no guilt. I have earned them! And they do not kill my diet when done right!

    Now I still have more to lose. I am not to my goal weight yet. But I am well on my way! And I am so excited to share my journey along side others who are heading the same way! (wink)

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