Pizza on Bread Crust

Move over take-out I have something Healhty and Delicious!!!
  • It is FOOD FRIDAY! I am going to try to post a recipe a week. I think this will be so fun to get healthy foods on your plate!

    I have been on a mission to find a healthy pizza! It is one of my favorite foods~ (wink) Yet take-out is ridiculous when you consider the calories. (and money) YIKES!!! But who wants to give up a childhood love?

    I have ventured out and tried different things and this so far is my favorite! One thing I love about it is it is not only healthy but it is easy to make in a small amount of time. This helps me as a busy mom of 4 when I am craving something and don’t really want to eat something I know I will regret later. And it keeps my weekly splurges for something I know I would love even better!!!

    For the crust I have been looking for something healthy, yet I still wanted the taste of crust. There are many imitations out there, but they lack. Then one day I saw one of my friends on Facebook trying a recipe and it was like the sky’s parted and angels began to sing….ha ha ha OK so not that dramatic. But I was excited to try it. She used flat-bread! It fit what I was looking for….tastes like bread, yet low in calories! YAY!

    My first venture with this was from the bakery. OH YUMMY! There are many kinds of flat-breads out there. It is easy enough to flip them over and check out the back to see what they have in them as far as calories, carbs, and protein…etc. The one that has been my go-to is one called Flatout Whole Wheat.  It is a good size yet only has 100 calories and still tastes amazing!!

    Well enough about bread, lets get to cooking!


    -Whole Grain Flatbread
    -Organic Spaghetti Sauce
    -Toppings of Choice - I love mushrooms, green peppers, onions, spinach, tomatoes and turkey pepperoni.


    To make a crispy crust, bake bread for 4 min at 400* Add sauce, toppings, and cheese. Cook for 7 min or until cheese is melted.

    **for 21 day fix folks**
    Veggies are 1 green. The bread is 2 yellow. I also for this used 2 blues worth of cheese. And for the meat. it is 1/2 a red

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